Scanning without a desktop scanner?

I found myself Google searching “How to scam without a scanner”, today. It was a unusual query on a Saturday afternoon, especially since I already own a Fujitsu scanner and regularly use the Camscan app for iPad and iPhone (thanks Dominique for that!).

So why Windows and why with a webcam you ask…

I am on a mission to teach my kids all about instructional technology. And the lesson this weekend would technically be: “How to scan homework (from a desktop) and email it to Grandmother”.

I don’t want my kids in using my office equipment and I want them to try this without an iPad.

Call me stubborn but I am wondering if there are any Windows 8 apps out there whereby the webcam can be used for scanning a document. I would want to convert the image into optically recognized characters (OCR)…

Am I asking too much or have I just not searched hard enough for the right tool?



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