Dylsexia and Literacy

As an instructional technologist and adult educator, I rarely hear about dyslexia. But as a parent, school volunteer and remedial science teacher, I would hear about it all the time.

This dichotomy / paradox is difficult to explain since all dyslexic schoolchildren will eventually be in the work force. These adult learners will partake in corporate training at some point in their careers.

The brain has a remarkable ability to change and this has incredible implications for adult learners and little brains alike.

If I had any lingering doubts last week (which I didn’t), they were quashed after I attended a Cellfield program launch in Montreal.  I was pleased to be asked to deliver an opening address and honored to be in the company of such professionals as Dr. Rina Gupta, Mme Michelle Vaudrin and Mr. Dimitri Caplygen.

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