Using Second-Life for On-line Mediation

I was speaking to my cousin recently about her law degree from an American University.

As an educational technologist, I was intrigued when she explained how one of her classes had used “Second Life” as a virtual space for student lawyers to develop their mediation skills.

Within the game, the law students had their own meeting area in a virtual building with different break-away rooms. My cousin says, “Online mediation is an actual discipline. The course was a 4-day primer to professional online mediation. We learned that actual disputes can arise in a virtual world. Overall a great experience.”

All I can say to all this is…wow.

I need to find out more about different ways Second Life is used. The only other professional learning example I have is from a fantastic Coursera MOOC called Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) with course Instructors Simon McIntyre and Negin Mirriahi of UNSW Australia.

The course was extremely well designed and offered very rich learning experiences. In one video lesson, I was able to see an example of a training program for oil rig workers, launched in Second Life.

Nifty and cool, to say the least.


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