What’s a Soft Phone?

Whether we are teachers, trainers or tutors, it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and the key terminology that goes along with all that.

While it’s impossible to know everything, it is possible to learn a little something about most things. And in our quest to know more about technology each day, we can sometimes encounter an unfamiliar term used to describe a topic about which we may actually know quite a bit.

This just happened to me with the term “soft phone” which I came across in an article. I was stumped. And I was more than a little surprised that I had never heard that term before.

A soft phone is basically any device that uses software or an app to make voice phone calls over WiFi or landed internet connection. Ahhh… well why didn’t they just say so? For some people, the term “voice over IP” may come to mind as they think about soft phones. Months ago, I tested a soft phone app on my kid’s iPod just for fun. Mine are still too young for a smart phone but I have nothing against turning an iPod into a soft phone over WiFi.

I had better look up the French term for “soft phone” (logiciel téléphonique?) just in case it should come up in my work for my Quebec clientele.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive, I often say. We can watch movies and take online courses from a little smart phone or place outbound phone calls and video conferences from a large living room TV…


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