e-readers help dyslexics read

The Stull Telegram

Using an e-reader may help some dyslexicstudents understand what they read, researchers at Harvard University argue.

In a paper published in the journal PLOS One, the authors found that a group of dyslexic teenagers showed greater reading comprehension when using an iPod Touch e-reader than when reading  from regular paper based systems. The e-reader was formatted to display around nine lines of text on the screen at a time, with only two or three words in each line, leaving fewer visual distractions and obviously large margins. The authors concluded that this improvement  was because  reduced distractions and that the page was easier to scan.

The dominant theoretical explanation for dyslexia involves phonological processing, or understanding the sound structure of speech and since most people sound out their words as they read, this phonological processing interferes with their reading.   But there is growing evidence that dyslexia is caused…

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