Annual Parents Conference – Technology?

I attended a stimulating conference last weekend for parents of school-age children. You may be wondering why a parenting conference should appear on a blog for Teachers, Tutors and Corporate Trainers.

Well, that’s because I actually avoided all the traditional parenting (I can find those subjects in a parenting magazine). Instead, I signed up for all the technology topics – anything related to trending social and digital media.

I was expecting a good day of learning and boy was I NOT disappointed. I was so captivated and filled with intellectual joy that I could hardly sit still. You know you are in a great conference, job, marriage or friendship when you experience a spontaneous and steady surge of creativity, endorphins and adrenaline.

In fact, as the last presentation ended at 3 pm, I sat in the hallway dazed and still reeling from the high calibre of the talks. I was actually annoyed when the conference was over!

I have much to share.

My very next blog posting will focus on Prezi software. The speaker, Tanya Avrith, had expertly used Prezi for her talk “Harnessing the Power of Social Media”. I was so blown away by her zooming “slides” that I waited after the talk and begged to know what software had been used.

Stay tuned for my next posting!


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